THE LAND OF CURIOSITIES is a trilogy revolving around the creation of Yellowstone, the world's first national park. For ages 8-14 (and loved by adults too!). Printed on recycled paper; soy ink in the U.S. and Canada


Adventures in Yellowstone, 1871-1872

by Deanna Neil
James and Alice Clifton don't know if they'll survive out West. Alice can't stop coughing and James longs for his father's guidance. Together with their mother and Reverend Lawson, they go looking for answers in Yellowstone -the year it's turned into the world's first national park! They encounter bison, see hot springs, meet prospectors, and learn about protecting the park's natural wonders. But their adventure becomes clouded by the sinister plot of Billy 'Bloody' Knuckles. Will James and Alice uncover his plan.before it's too late? Includes a special real history section with facts and photos; approved by the National Park Service as meeting their review standards.


Lost in Yellowstone, 1872-1873

by Deanna Neil
GIRL MISSING IN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK! In this page-turning sequel to the award winning The Land of Curiosities: Adventures in Yellowstone, thirteen-year-old James Clifton joins the Hayden Expedition of 1872 in a desperate attempt to find his missing sister, Alice, in the vast wilderness of Yellowstone. Alongside government explorers and his best friend Tom, James finds Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone Lake, and even some unwelcome outlaws. But will he ever find out what happened to Alice? Includes a special real history section with facts and photos!


Red Eye of the Buffalo, 1873-1874

by Deanna Neil
Bloody Knuckles’ evil henchmen are trying to kill the last remaining free-roaming American buffalo, after millions have already been slaughtered. But a group of courageous kids who call themselves the EcoSeekers take on this ring of criminals and crooked politicians in an attempt to stop the killings and protect the newly established Yellowstone National Park.This historical adventure transports readers from the Great Plains to Washington, D.C., where the EcoSeekers find themselves drawn into a shadowy world where the future is uncertain for the iconic American buffalo and the world’s first national park.


by Deanna Neil.
Join families as they journey through America’s national parks, capturing the joy and excitement of nature. With colorful illustrations by Tom Newsom, this book is a great way to introduce the next generation to nature and the national parks. Includes a kid’s journal with fun facts and photos of each visited park. Printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Recommended for ages 3 and up. 2010. Hardcover. 32 pages. 10" x 8"